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Infographic: Are You Cultured?

December 15, 2016 by Amy

What is Cultured Infographic

The word "cultured" gets thrown around often these days, but the definition of it tends to vary depending on who you ask. So, we decided to do just that to try and dig deeper into finding out what cultured means to various groups of people.

Among the findings were the Top 10 Signs of a Cultured Person, which included:

1. Attend theater plays
2. Easily recognize paintings/art
3. Listen to classical music
4. Be familiar with wine pairing
5. Attend ballets
6. Visit local heritage sites
7. Host dinner parties
8. Regularly watch documentaries
9. Watch foreign films with subtitles
10. Read daily newspapers

The survey also found that visiting the theater was considered to be the activity that a cultured person was most likely to partake in. It also revealed that respondents found a show like The Nutcracker to be more cultural than The Book of Mormon, and that seeing the musical Hamilton also makes a person more cultured than those attending the Super Bowl.

On the music front, Coachella attendees were deemed more cultured than Burning Man fans, and a Bruce Springsteen concert was considered twice as cultured as seeing Pearl Jam.

Check out the infographic below featuring the full summary from a survey conducted by OnePoll for Vivid Seats sampling 2,000 U.S. respondents in Nov. 2016.


What is Cultured


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