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Hawkeyes or Cyclones: What Candidates Should Know About Iowa's 99 Counties

January 23, 2020 by Stephen Spiewak

Iowa County Data

Go Hawkeyes!....or is it Cyclones?

Bear Down or Skol Vikings?

As campaigning ahead of the Iowa Democratic caucuses heats up, presidential candidates are traipsing around the state looking to gain the support of Iowans. Closing a speech with a rowdy “Go Hawks!” might go over swimmingly in a county near Iowa City (where the University of Iowa is located) but would likely be met with hostility in counties near Ames, where Iowa State is more popular.

Data from Vivid Seats and other public sources show Iowa is far from a monolith. Its 99 counties have different interests, passions and tastes, and a candidate would be wise to understand the nuances of a particular county to best resonate with its residents.
Vivid Seats breaks down what’s popular in each Iowa county below.

Iowa Democratic Caucus Cultural Playbook

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