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LeBron On the Lakers: What We Can Look Forward To

November 07, 2018

What To Expect Now That LeBron Plays For the Lakers

Where were you when news broke about LeBron taking his talents to the West Coast? How did you feel about it - Were you excited? Disappointed? Apathetic?No matter what basketball fans say, were looking to what will become of LeBron this season and the seasons to come now that hes on the Los Angeles Lakers. The trajectory of his career can take many directions at this point, and well only know where hes headed as time goes on.But with that said, we (and LeBron himself) have made educated guesses regarding what hell do going forward.

What LeBron Says

Weve got a long way to go to get to Golden State, LeBron said when asked about challenging the defending and seemingly unbeatable champs.They can pick up right where they left off, starting with training camp - if they start today, or whenever they start. Were picking up from scratch, so we have a long way to go, he added.Its quite clear that hes mindful of the Lakers current standing against a fully-formed and formidable team full of veterans in their peak.He also acknowledged that the Lakers are not as focused on the Warriors, a statement implying LeBrons team-building and mentoring ambitions (more on this shortly).

What We Say

True, it will take a huge effort and bold strategy to dethrone the Golden State Warriors, the reigning champs. But were sure that LeBron is going to have a stellar season, and hell become an even bigger figure than he already is under the LA spotlight. How?For one, were sure that James will shift his playing style. Hes surrounded by many other talents on the Lakers right now - Lonzo Ball, Rajon Rondo, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram. These four, namely the younger guys, can do much of the running around. LeBron will likely use his energy strategically, focusing on certain offensive and defensive possessions, a tactic we saw to some degree last season.And naturally, by extension, LeBrons shift in focus will allow him to serve as a mentor to his younger teammates. The relationship were really interested in seeing develop is one with LeBron James as the mentor and Brandon Ingram as the student. Ingram looks like the most promising young talent on the Lakers and will likely be an all-star in the coming seasons. James will certainly have an influence on Ingrams development now that hes guaranteed to be there at least three years, and since Ingram is in a prime growing stage.Finally, we also expect to see James to win the MVP, an award he hasnt picked up since 2013. Lets face it - despite the current roster of brimming young talent, James is the centerpiece of the team right now. He has the perfect combination of basketball IQ, experience, athleticism (despite being almost 34), well-rounded skill-set and playmaking ability. Hes getting up there in years, but with all that he has to offer, its hard to find another player in the league right now who does what he does, day in, day out.

LeBron & the New Lakers

As it stands, the future looks bright for the Lakers. The addition of LeBron James to the squad has certainly given the Lakers a major boost of confidence and optimism, despite what the opponents they face in the West. Regardless of what happens, we know that these last few years of LeBron James career may be as impactful as the first few.Get a pair of Los Angles Lakers tickets or Golden State Warrior tickets today and enjoy the game from the best seats.

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