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Musicians Take to Instagram to Share Unique Photos with Fans

September 16, 2013 by Allison

Artists on Instagram

Social media continues to provide platforms for access many never could have dreamed of. Instagram in particular, boasts musicians far and wide who have been taking to the app to give fans a little taste of life on tour, exclusive looks behind-the-scenes, and anything else interesting they feel like sharing with the world.

Kelly Clarkson | Tickets
Kelly Clarkson is rarely one to shy away from life updates, as evidenced by her Instagram account, which covers major concerts, studio recording sessions, and pictures of her hanging out with celebrities like Tom Cruise backstage. The picture featured above is from her GRAMMY dressing room, which she was excited to share with Alicia Keys and Miranda Lambert.

Maroon 5 Tickets
In promoting tours and upcoming shows, many bands often opt for subtle hints of gear or memorabilia. Such is the case in this photo from Maroon 5, which chose to share a couple pieces of road equipment while en route for the ongoing Honda Civic Tour.

Taylor Swift Tickets
Most performers are no stranger to playing in front of thousands, and it’s always fun to see what exactly that view looks like from the stage. Taylor Swift is one of many musicians to share just that, with this shot coming from her appearance in Times Square. Her account is updated pretty regularly, with many images coming from her time on the road for the Red Tour.

Luke Bryan | Tickets
Big fish, youthful Halloween costumes, and throwing back a few cocktails with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the set of the “Today” Show can all be found on the account for country hunk, Luke Bryan. The singer is currently on tour to support his latest album, “Crash My Party,” and by the looks of Instagram, he’s definitely enjoying himself.

Michael Buble | Tickets
Michael Buble’s feed features a slew of celebrities, gifts, and other backstage action, but he also shows a personal side as well from time to time. He’s shared pictures of his wife and newborn child, hangouts with fellow musicians like Shania Twain before his show in Atlantis Resort, and in the photo above, a chance meeting with the Broadway cast from “The Book of Mormon.”

Jason Aldean | Tickets
One of the more popular traditions to take over social media is the weekly “Throwback Thursday,” in which people dig into their archives to share old photos. For musicians, this often means giving fans a look at a time prior to hitting it big. With the help of a friend, a fresh-faced Aldean is on display above next to a current image of one of the most successful country artists today. Aldean lets is personality shine through in his account, which also showcases humor, love of hunting, and hanging out with his Buck Commander friends. Fans can expect to see lots of beards, camouflage, and a little bit of everything the singer finds amusing.

Mumford and Sons | Tickets
Fan-favorite folk rock band Mumford and Sons first joined Instagram in October 2012, and have been keeping the rise to fame well-documented via social media. The photo above from May 2013 offers a candid preshow shot of the boys, while helping to promote a future show. The group has been posting plenty during the Gentlemen of the Road Tour, and played a big part in spreading the word about its eventual viral video for “Hopeless Wanderer,” which of course featured a spot-on parody by actors Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte.

John Mayer | Tickets
John Mayer has had a love/hate relationship with social media, but his Instagram account has been a way for fans to fall in love with him again and again. Not shy with the selfies, Mayer enjoys sharing candid shots of himself like the one above from before his show in Detroit, and often reposts fan pictures that he’s tagged in. From blistered fingers from his performances to two fans holding up his album, Mayer definitely likes to keep his followers on their toes.

The Lumineers | Tickets
A common item to share, the set list above was shared by The Lumineers after the band’s show in London for the iTunes Festival. The group’s Instagram documents its frequent trips all over the world, with behind-the-scenes updates, as well as the cool people band members meet along the way, like fan Aaron Paul of TV’s “Breaking Bad.”

Imagine Dragons | Tickets
Imagine Dragons’ stock has continued to rise thanks to hits like “It’s Time” and “Radioactive,” and the demand for live shows has been frequent. In the post above, the group is awaiting a flight back to the U.S. after a performance on the Night Visions Tour in Germany. The band’s Instagram shows scenes similar to this on a regular basis—from watching a soccer game at a bar in Manchester, to crowd shots, performing on stage, and even Flavor Flav has been known to pop up.

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