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Predicting Prices for 2017 MLB Playoff and World Series Tickets

September 29, 2017 by Vivid Seats

2017 MLB Prices

The MLB season is wrapping up this weekend, which means it’s nearly time for the longstanding October tradition of America’s pastime: playoff baseball.

Anticipation for this year’s postseason is high following 2016’s thrilling playoffs which culminated in a Cubs-Guardians seven-game World Series.

But how much can fans expect to pay for tickets to the 2017 MLB playoffs?

Vivid Seats has crunched the numbers to project ticket prices for different playoff matchups, including which World Series matchup would result in the most expensive World Series tickets.

How we did it:

-Prices under the "Regular Season" column reflect the average price for sold tickets this year

-For each playoff round, we determined a multiplier based on how much more expensive each round of playoff tickets were relative to each team's average price for sold regular season tickets, based on data from the last five years

-The average multiplier for each respective round was then applied to each team's average price for sold regular season tickets.

-Therefore, each playoff round in the table reflects the average price we are predicting for sold tickets during the 2017 postseason per team.

Projected 2017 MLB Playoff Ticket Prices

Some takeaways:

-American League teams project to command more expensive tickets than their National League counterparts. Four teams (Red Sox, Yankees, Guardians and Astros) could have World Series tickets that cost over $700. Only one National League team (Cubs) projects at that price point.

-Teams from the AL and NL West lag behind teams from the Central and East divisions when it comes to projected playoff ticket prices. No AL or NL West team checks in among the top 4 most expensive tickets. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies—all teams in West divisions—account for the three most affordable ticket options.

-A World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs is the combination of teams that could result in the most expensive World Series matchup.

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