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Scotiabank Arena Concerts: Seating for the Toronto Arena

July 19, 2016 by Alyssa

Scotiabank Arena Seating

Scotiabank Arena opened in 1999 and has spent many years as one of Toronto’s top spots to catch live music in the city. Global superstars like Drake, Gwen Stefani, The Tragically Hip, and Bon Jovi have all been on stage at the arena, and each year new and exciting acts are tapped to headline the landmark venue.

Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart

When looking for seats to an upcoming Scotiabank Arena concert, you’ll generally be able to choose from options in one of four main areas. The arena floor will typically hold temporary seating for live music events, and the arena’s Lower and Balcony Levels will also provide seating options. Occasionally private suites will be available in between the Lower and Balcony Levels, but these are much more rarely available.

Scotiabank Arena Seating Views

To help you choose the best seats at Scotiabank Arena, we’ve gone through fan-uploaded images and videos to find the best representations of seating views across the arena. Keep reading to get a better idea of what your view will be like wherever you choose to sit.

Scotiabank Arena Floor Views

Since the Floor Level also holds the stage, seats on the floor of Scotiabank Arena are generally the most desirable for concerts. Depending on the performer, the layout may include either reserved seating or general admission standing-room-only options, or a combination of the two.


Even if you aren’t right up front for your concert, admission options farther back in the Floor Level still offer a close-up view of the performer.


Scotiabank Arena Lower Level Views

The Lower Level is the first area of the venue that features permanent, stadium-style seating, which some concertgoers find preferable to the temporary seating that’s often set up on the floor. The rows in the Lower Level are also tiered, so your view is less likely to be blocked by anyone in front of you.


For shows where the stage is set up at the end of the floor, the seats on the far end of the Lower Level will be less desirable than those near the sides of the stage, but the view from these seats is still quite good.


A photo posted by Tommy (@sneakerpimps15) on


Scotiabank Arena Balcony Level Views

The final area where fans can sit for Scotiabank Arena concerts is the Balcony Level, which holds all the 300 Level sections. Of course, since these sections are the farthest from the stage, your view of the performance may be slightly limited. Still, the sound from these seats is impeccable, and typically there are large screens in the center of the arena that are turned on during shows to help you see better.

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